Principal's Welcome


Dear Falcon Families and Friends,

Thank you for visiting our website. We hope you will get a sense of our mission and values as you navigate through the pages. East Hartford Middle School is committed to providing students with a supportive, enriching, and well-rounded educational experience. The foundation of our work is centered around positive relationships and healthy interactions among students and staff. Our school culture is based on three critical components; investment in self and others, preparation, and hard work.

 The term investment is the driving indicator for East Hartford Middle School. It is the mindset that we have to evolve as educators to share and impart knowledge, experience, and support to all students. We also teach students to invest in personal growth and their commitment to EHMS. We strive to create a culture that is self-reflective, relationship-driven, and process-oriented.

We believe that students begin to "learn how to learn" as work rate increases, and concepts become more advanced during middle school. We model preparation for students in our school-wide systems and in the ways we intentional plan learning sessions. Students are taught the value of organization and preparation as the foundational blocks that will help them learn and succeed.

At East Hartford Middle School, hard work represents the through-line between the themes of investment, preparation, and achievement. We subscribe to the notion that learning and success are earned through a hard-working process-driven mindset and approach. We appreciate the lessons learned from set-backs and honor the opportunities to teach students the incredible values of hard work and perseverance.

East Hartford Middle School is a special place where students begin to understand themselves and get the opportunity to design their paths. We expect all students to learn and make progress each day and define success as taking one small step at a time.  

With Falcon Pride!

Joseph Pearce

Interim Principal  

East Hartford Middle School